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Our Story

Purposeful was founded with the idea that business should be conducted in a way that benefits all stakeholders.  Our founders come from the tech industry having carefully grown Angus Systems into a highly profitable market leader by investing in the future, caring for our employees, and providing the best experience possible to our clients.  Willingness to sacrifice short-term financial gain in service of these values is what allowed us to become the leader in our field.

When it came time to exit the business, we interviewed dozens of suitors and found  there was a gap between owner/operators like us, who are invested in the wellbeing of everyone involved, and investors motivated solely by financial returns. Through Purposeful, we aim to fill this gap and provide entrepreneurs with an avenue to make their own exit, while knowing their business is in good hands.

Our Team


Chris Gale

Group Leader

Managing Partner


Ryan Dewey

Managing Partner Purposeful Golf

Business Development Lead

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Bruce Simmonds

Strategic Golf Advisor


Zahir Manek

General Counsel

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Iacocca Erediano

Marketing Manager

Adriana Bastone


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