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A people first platform

Our Purpose

We believe purpose is the start of everything good.  A sense of purpose individually and more importantly as a team is what motivates people to do better.  Better businesses maintain a strong sense of purpose which delivers outstanding products and services that form the foundation of a successful and profitable business.  A business that owners and employees can be proud of because it is run with purposeful intent.


Our Founding Principles

At Purposeful, we firmly believe that decisions should be considerate of all stakeholders.  As a people-first platform, our focus is on ensuring long-term success rather than chasing short-term gains.  This means we always try to find the delicate balance where we treat people fairly while also running a prosperous business.

Our commitment to fostering a culture that is open, transparent, trusting and collaborative starts with our leadership and flows through everyone on our team.  This culture will attract good people and build, sustain and support successful teams.  We want to be recognized as a leading employer across all of our businesses.

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